Why I won’t connect with you (in LINKEDIN)

Today I have 16 people that want to connect with me in LinkedIN …

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 08.51.03

and I will not connect with (a lot of) them !

Yes, yes, yes
I’m not crazy, just I want use linkedIN as a business social network. I don’t want wake up in the morning and write in LinkedIN
“ehi good morning guys” only because someone (ie FaceBook) ask to me

“what’s on your mind?”

I don’t want 1500 contacts in LinkedIN that I really don’t know!

My contacts in LinkedIN are people that I really know or that I meet in business project ideas.

I don’t want give my LinkedIN connection to people that I had never meet or that I don’t know.

So I suggest to you don’t send to me a LinkedIN invitation if you dont know me !

If you want to contact me (and you don’t know me)  you have other channels … and you can find it in my public LinkedIN profile: professional mail, twitter account, skype name … it is not difficult to contact me … isn’t it? :-)

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 09.14.53

LinkedInOpenlinkNetworkFurthermore I have a LinkedIN “Business Account Type” so you can use “OpenLink” networkget intorduced
or ask to some of our “common” contact to introduce you (Get Introduced.)

Usually I send a “I don’t know” message to LinkedIN invitation if “I don’t know” … complex deductive reasoning required to me to take this decision :-)

… but this is a problem for you!
First: in the future you can not re-invite me another time
Second: if you receive an excessive number of “I don’t know this person” responses, you could be restricted from sending invitations to connect to others ! (see help linkedin for “I don’t know” and also for the “LinkedIN restriction” )

I don’t know exactly what are happening in LinkedIN, but it’s a few days that my un-know people invitations are growing too fast.
I don’t know if they are really interested in something about me and my businesses or only if “LinkedIN Community” decided to take a strong marketing approach :-).


replyToday I will change my way to answer and
I will simply “Reply” to these 16 people!

I will send to them this post so they will understand better why I have not accepted their LinkedIN invitation.

“Reply” don’t signal you as a “spammer” to linkedIN … so you will have NO restriction from them.

Anyway don’t get angry with me about the reason I haven’t accepted your invitation if I don’t know you  … simply use other way to contact me next first time … (my public LinkedIN profile has all the information :-) )

Give it time !

PS: If you have same problem feel free to send this post to your un-know people that sent to you a LinkedIN invitation …

give them a second chance before click “I don’t know” :-)

… maybe they don’t know all these things about LinkedIN and they could read it through this post and through the links to the LinkedIN help services that I have attached.